Sunday, July 26, 2009


The last day on the boat...Photobooth shoot...awesome way to waste time.

This is me, sitting on the couch, at Margaritas house, a week and some change after I have returned to the U.S. I have been in Asheville for a few days now, and I'm not gonna lie, I really love being home. 

My first day back, Me and Sloan took 3 of our YL dudes to Midnight Hole, this sweet swimming hole where you can jump off rocks and stuff, immediately followed by kickball with the rest of Asheville YL, immediately followed by Cici's pizza fest, immediately followed by an 18 person poker game with all my high school fellas. What a great homecoming. 

I found an apartment that I think I'm going to rent. It's pretty sweet, 1 bedroom, basement apartment. It's a pretty cool place, and great location for me doing YL at TC Roberson because it's only .5 miles away from the house. And the rent is cheap...I'm thinking yes.

I've been helping Sloan with the kitchen renovations. It is looking so good. You can definitely tell that it's supposed to be a kitchen. 

Besides that all is well. 

I am so thankful to be back in this place. The sailing trip was so good for me, but it was time to come home. 

Oh, and my favorite part of coming home was Asher leaping off the top step of the stairs and into my arms to give me a bear hug that would make a lumberjack tear up...take that to the bank.

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